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Wleń Castle (Lenno)

Local name: Zamek Wleń (Lenno)

The oldest brick castle in Silesia. The first castle building was built around 1160 and was erected on the initiative of prince Bolesław the High. Currently, the facility is open to the public, also with a guide. From the castle tower there is a beautiful view of the Jizera Mountains and Foothills, the Kaczawskie and the Karkonosze Mountains.

Some of the owners of the castle were known for their adventurous lifestyle. In the mid-thirteenth century, Bolesław II Rogatka imprisoned bishop Tomasz, and then the Wrocław prince Henry IV Probus, in the castle tower. However, in the 15th century its owner was a robber, known in the area, Hans von Zedlitz.

The castle is located about a kilometer from the town of Wleń, there are hiking trails to it. The building is located on the top of a hill in the Zamkowa Góra forest (maple and lime) reserve.


Attractions inside

    Wleń Castle (Lenno) map
    Wleń Castle (Lenno)
    Wleń Castle (Lenno)
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