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Castle of Silesian Legends

Local name: Zamek Śląskich Legend

The Castle of Silesian Legends does not resemble the architecture of any existing object - it is an invented structure from beginning to end. In its interior, using dozens of dolls, set design and lighting effects, 10 scenes referring to Silesian legends and fairy tales were arranged. The stories are made available as audio recordings, recorded by professional actors. Visitors can join the spectacle by animating selected fairy-tale characters on their own.

The dolls in the Silesian Legends Castle are life-size (in the case of human figures) wooden puppets. Moving them is possible thanks to a special system of blocks and lines, the ends of which are attached to the dolls' limbs. The character that appears in all the stories told is the Spirit of the Mountains - the legendary ruler of the Giant Mountains, also known as Rzepiór and Liczyrzepa.

In addition to learning legends, the Castle's offer also includes workshops in lithography, blacksmithing and ceramics workshops. The originator and creator of the Silesian Legends Castle is the visual artist Dariusz Miliński, to whom Pławna owes many other attractions, including Museum of Displaced and Expelled.



Castle of Silesian Legends map
Pławna 21 A59-623 Pławna Dolna, Poland