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Bóbr Valley Landscape Park

Local name: Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bobru

The Park is located in the Western Sudetes, between Jelenia Góra and Lwówek Śląski. On its area there is a nature reserve Góra Zamkowa (Castle Mountain), Special Areas of Conservation, included in Natura 2000 areas, and several nature monuments. Tourists can take advantage of few viewpoints situated at an altitude from 272 to 482 m above sea level.

Among the places worth visiting in the Park there can be distinguished: Krzywousty Hill with a lookout tower, Bobrowy Jar (Beaver Ravine) and Modre Lake, Knight's Tower in Siedlęcin, Garden at the palace in Maciejowiec, Pilchowice Dam or Dziki Wąwóz (Wild Glen).

About 800 species of plants make up the vascular flora of the Park. Especially noteworthy are: the rare and protected Manchurian monkshood, green hellebore or marsh helleborine.

The composition of fauna species in the Park has undergone many transformations as a result of human activity, which is why there are common species with a high ecological tolerance. On the other hand, among the rare and protected species there can be distinguished: Eurasian eagle-owl, boreal owl, kingfisher, barbastelle and otter. A special singularity is the breeding colony of the greater mouse-eared bat in the attic of the church of Saint Nicholas in Wleń.



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Kamiennogórska 2 Łupki, Poland