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Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka Nature Reserve

Local name: Rezerwat przyrody Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka

Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka Nature Reserve, located in Pogórze Kaczawskie, contains the volcanic, conical hill - Ostrzyca (501 m). The reserve was established in 1962. Covering the area of almost 4 ha, it protects basalt stone runs and rock vegetation.

Ostrzyca, also called Silesian Fuji and Szczytnica because of its characteristic shape, is a remnant of a vent of the shield volcano. Volcanos of that type are characterized by a very wide base which diameter exceeds their height even up to 20 times.

The hill can be accessed by three tourist tracks: the green which is a part of the Trail of Piast Castles (Wień - Grodziec Castle), the yellow in the Trail of Extinct Volcanos (Myślibórz - Złotoryja), and the red which starts in the city of Dworek.


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