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Krucze Skały

Local name: Krucze Skały

Sandstone forms in the Kaczawskie Foothills in the village of Jerzmanice-Zdrój. These are walls built of Upper Cretaceous sandstone formed about 91-88 million years ago. They are a monument of inanimate nature. At the foot of the rocks is the Rock Spring from the 13th century, also known as the spring of St. Jadwiga. The rock features on the wall are considered to be the longest and one of the most beautiful in Poland. Crow rocks are a great place for recreation and relaxation, and for climbing.

The rocks are 15 to 27 m high, and the longest of them is over 100 m long. They have a poor fauna, there are rarely found mollusc centers in them. The lower, smooth part of the rock is the result of a quarry from the 16th century, and in the 17th century sandstone blocks from here were used to rebuild the town hall and the church of St. Elżbieta in Wrocław.
Metal stairs, and then carved into the rock, lead to the top of Kruczych Skały from where there is a panorama of Jerzmanice and Wilcze Góra.

One legend has it that during the 30-year war, in 1633, a woman and her baby threw themselves from the rocks into the abyss, fleeing from soldiers haunting her.


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    Krucze Skały
    Krucze Skały
    Jerzmanice-Zdrój , Poland