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Museum of Gold

Local name: Muzeum Złota

The Gold Museum in Złotoryja occupies a 17th-century building near the city walls. At permanent exhibitions you can learn about the history of gold mining in Lower Silesia and the history of the mines in Złotoryja. There is also a rich collection of minerals and metals donated by Leopold Schmeterling.

The museum was established in the years 1973–1977. Then he donated his archaeological, mineralogical and history-related collections to Złotoryja to the city of Leopold Schmeterling. A baroque, two-story building with a mansard roof, which was first called the torture chamber wrongly, was adapted for the seat.

The main exhibition is devoted to gold, methods of obtaining it and the history of mining precious ores in Złotoryja and the surrounding area. There are old mining tools and clothing, engravings and photographs depicting the work of the mines. There are also rich collections of minerals, which began with the Schmeterling collection. They come from around the world and show the geological richness of the earth.


Attractions inside

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    Zaułek 259-500 Złotoryja , Poland