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Organy Wielisławskie

Local name: Organy Wielisławskie

The Wielisław Organ in Sędziszowa is a natural monument. It's a volcanic structure made of porphyry rocks. It is located in a former quarry on the slope of Wielisławka Mountain. The structure consists of poles with a four- and pentagonal cross-section, which resemble organ pipes, hence their name.

Wielisławskie Organ located in the Sudety Mountains exceed 20 m. An educational trail leads here. A metal ore mine operated here from 1557. In the second half of the 19th century a quarry was erected in its place. In the course of its exploitation, a geological structure was discovered, which was called the Wielisławskie Organ.

Legends are associated with this place. One of them says that in ancient times there was a pagan place of worship. Another, that inside the Wielisławka mountain hides the treasure of the Third Reich. However, the documented fact is the existence of a stronghold or watchtower here in the Middle Ages, and later a knight's castle. Today, only small traces of these buildings remain.


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