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South Holland is the most densely populated and most industrialized region of the country. The capital city of The Hague is here, as well as the largest seaport of Rotterdam and Delf, full of monuments.

The province is located by the sea, in the southern part of the country, at the mouth of the Meuse and Rhine to the North Sea. One of the largest seaports in Europe, Rotterdam, operates here. The city boasts modern architecture and numerous museums.

Unlike Rotterdam, The Hague and Delf are cities full of historic buildings. Churches, town houses, and lots of canals. The most important seaside resort of the Netherlands, Scheveningen, is located in the suburbs of The Hague. In turn, Delf produces the world-renowned white and blue porcelain.

South Holland is an agricultural region with huge areas of greenhouses and pastures. The cheese of the same name is produced in the town of Gouda. There is also the Kinderdijk windmill museum, which is inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Among the many historic towns of the region, Alphen aan den Rijn stands out, which was inhabited around 2000 BC. Today, you can admire the medieval and Renaissance buildings and visit one of the historic pubs.

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