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Church of Saint John

Local name: Sint Janskerk

Built in the Gothic style, the powerful temple dates from the 15th and 16th centuries and is the longest church building in the Netherlands. It has the status of a national monument, and since 1990 has been on the list of one hundred most magnificent Dutch buildings.

The church of Saint John is primarily known for its magnificent stained glass windows and characteristic roofs crowning this cross basilica made of bricks. These impressive windows date from the sixteenth century and are the work of famous then painters, the brothers Dirck and Wouter Crabeth. The church has 72 windows and their area is 1755 m². Interestingly, the glass used for their production dates from the sixteenth century and accounts for 50% of all preserved glass from this century, which is present in the Netherlands.

Although the church dates from the fifteenth century, architectural discoveries confirm that the temple was already here - probably from 1278. The current appearance of the building is the result of many renovations and reconstructions, necessary after the damage suffered by the temple, including during World War II.



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Achter de Kerk 22801 JW Gouda, Netherlands