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Gallery Prince Willem V

Local name: Galerij Prins Willem V

Art gallery founded by Prince William V Oranski, the last stadhouder of the Netherlands. It is located in the Dutch city of Den Haag, in an 18th-century building. The entrance to the gallery is also the entrance to the Gevangenpoort museum, a former medieval prison. The collection in the gallery is part of the Mauritshuis collection and contains about 150 objects.

The original gallery was built in 1774 thanks to Prince William V Oranski, a great art lover who decided to store his collections here. In 1794 the collections were abducted by the French and since then the gallery remained closed - the prince continued collecting the collection at the nearby Huis ten Bosch. The works recovered from French hands later found their place in Mauritshuis. The reopening of the gallery in Den Haag did not take place until 1997. The building was restored in 2010 and inside, apart from works of art, we can also admire the beautiful 18th-century interiors modeled on the original design of the gallery.



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Buitenhof 332513 AH The Hague, Netherlands