#10  Delft


Local name: Markt

The market square in Delft is the most important point of the village and we will find here the heart of every historic center: the monumental town hall building from 1618-1620, designed in the Renaissance style. Local events are organized on the square, we will find souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes here, all surrounded by colorful tenement houses.

In addition to the town hall, at the market square there is also a new church built in the years 1397 - 1496 in the Gothic style, the interior of which was often immortalized in paintings by Dutch painters. It is worth climbing the 115-meter Nieuwe Kerk tower, which offers a panoramic view of the city. However, in the basement of the temple the remains of William of Orange, also called Silent, who was murdered in the local monastery are buried.

Being on the market it is worth going to one of the local cheese shops, a Dutch specialty. We can not only buy one of them, but also take part in the tasting.



Market map
Markt 2611 GP Delft, Netherlands