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Ceske Budejovice is a city in southern Bohemia, which is associated primarily with one of the most famous beers in the country, Budweiser Budvar. In addition to the brewery, it also boasts a picturesque Old Town.

The city was founded in the mid-13th century on an important trade route to the Austrian Linz. In 1828 one of the first horse-drawn railways in Europe was launched on this route. From the very beginning of its existence, České Budějovice made a living mainly by trading in salt and textiles and by producing beer. The 700-year-old recipe is used to produce Budweiser Budvar beer, and a tourist route is currently operating in the historic brewery itself. During the tour tourists can learn the secrets of beer production, see the former equipment of the plant, view multimedia presentations about the history of the city and the brewery, as well as take part in tastings.

The center of Budejovice is located at the fork of the Malse and Vltava rivers and has a traditional layout of medieval cities based on German law. It is centered around the largest market in the Czech Republic, where it stands, among others baroque town hall, magnificent Samson Fountain and beautiful tenements from different eras.

Near the square stands the Black Tower belonging to the Gothic cathedral of St. Mikołaj and being a great viewpoint on the surrounding area. According to legend, there is a skeleton in the bell hanging here, which rings the bells when the bellers do not want to go out to the top floor of the 72-meter building.

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