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Červená Lhota Castle

Local name: Státní zámek Červená Lhota

Červená Lhota Castle is a very original, fairy-tale castle built on the lake. Many movies and film cartoons were shot here. The main exhibition presents original residential interiors furnished by the last owners, the princes of Schönburg-Hartenstein. During the holiday season, undergrounds are open to visitors, in which you can see three rooms "incorporated" into the rocks. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful English-style park.

The first fortress was built on the site of today's castle in the mid-fourteenth century. Over the years, the building changed owners and grew into legends, and in 1835 it fell into the hands of Princely Heinrich Eduard Schönburg-Hartenstein. This family dealt with the reconstruction and modernization of its new headquarters. In 1946 the castle was confiscated by the Czechoslovak state. Initially, a children's clinic was opened here, later the monument was taken over by the State Culture Commission. In 1949 the building was opened to the public.


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