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Třeboň Castle

Local name: Zámek Třeboň

The castle in Trzeboniu is a fortress erected in the second half of the 16th century on the initiative of Petr Vok of Rožmberk. In the years 1565-1575 the building was rebuilt into a Renaissance castle. At the same time, it was enlarged by a south-west wing, an entrance gate and a tower.

The next owners of the castle were the Schwanbergs, and from 1622 the Habsburg family. In the eighteenth century, subsequent rebuilding of the residence was carried out, including a stable, a granary and a baroque outbuilding. In the 20th century, the archives of Prince Schwarzenberg were moved from the Kornhaus castle to the Wittingau castle.

The building houses one of the most important state archives in the Czech Republic, which makes it only partially accessible to visitors. In addition to a very well-preserved Renaissance staircase, in the fortress you can see the original coat of arms of the Rosenbergs and the courtroom. In the courtyard there is a fountain from 1712 designed by Paul Ignaz Bayer. The castle is surrounded by a park with historic old trees open to walkers.


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