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South Bohemian Museum

Local name: Jihočeské muzeum

The South Bohemian Museum is housed in a neo-Renaissance building from the early 20th century. He deals with the presentation of the history and culture of the region. There are exhibitions devoted primarily to archeology, medieval history and ethnography of South Bohemia. After the expansion in 2014, an exhibition was opened to present the person of Jan Zizka and the Hussite movement.

The museum has in its collection items from archaeological excavations from the surroundings of České Budějovice. You can see jewelry, weapons and ceramics here. Subsequent exhibitions show the history of the city and its inhabitants in the Middle Ages. Elements of home furnishings, guild documents as well as engravings and paintings are presented. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the fortress of Žumberk.

In the years 2012–2014 the museum underwent reorganization. The exhibitions gained a modern look and a multimedia setting. Collections about the history of Hussitism, religious wars related to it and the figure of one of the leaders, Jan Zizka, were also made available. The museum can also boast of a collection of old horse trams.


Attractions inside

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    Dukelská 1370 51 České Budějovice , Czechia