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Schwarzenberg tomb

Local name: Schwarzenberská hrobka

Schwarzenberg Tomb is the tomb of the Schwarzenberg family from 1877 and founded by Jan Adolf II Schwarzenberg on the initiative of his wife Eleonora. There are 26 coffins in the tomb. Before building the grave, the members of the main branch of the Schwarzenberg family were buried in the church of St. Giles Trebon Trebon.

The original design for the construction of the tomb was initiated by the famous Austrian architect Friedrich von Schmidt, and then it was modified by Damazy Deworezky.

The tomb is built according to the model of Campa Santa in Italy. It is a two-story building above the plan of a regular octagon in the neo-Gothic style with a monumental two-nave staircase and the front tower on the north side. Stairs lead to the chapel of the Divine Redeemer. Under the entrance to the chapel is the entrance to the tomb. The neo-Gothic altar is made of white sandstone, plaster and marble by the sculptor Josef Pokorný. In the evening, evening concerts and singing take place in the chapel.


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