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Orlík Castle

Local name: Zámek Orlík

Orlík Castle is a perfectly preserved fortress, where you can now see the Knights' Hall with baroque furnishings, the Small Armory with a collection of firearms, a castle library with 18,000 volumes and a corridor of hunting trophies - there are about 2,000 exhibits in the collection. The castle is surrounded by a large 140-hectare park designed in the English style.

In one part of the castle, documents, photos and a collection of medals and decorations were collected - this exhibition shows the history of Orlík and the history of the Schwarzenberg family. While exploring the next rooms, you can admire examples of the Empire style - furniture was imported directly from Paris.

The castle has a long and complicated history behind it, it was rebuilt several times, it was consumed by fire twice. Today it combines the styles of many eras. The first fortress was built here in the 13th century. It was to protect the trade route leading nearby.


Attractions inside

    Orlík Castle map
    398 07 Orlík nad Vltavou , Czechia