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Blatna Castle

Local name: Zámek Blatná

Zámek Blatná is one of the most historically and architecturally valuable historical monuments of this type in the Czech Republic.

The residence is surrounded by a 42-hectare park open to visitors throughout the year. The first garden was designed at the beginning of the 19th century by Franz Hildprandt. The whole park was interwoven with streams, bridges and paths with beautiful alleys. The park also had a conservatory, a theater, a Swiss house, a hunting lodge and a shooting range. These buildings did not stand the test of time, today only the House of the Empire remains in the park, in which the Hildprand family currently lives.

A popular attraction of the castle park is a large herd of dyed deer, which are tame and graze freely, as well as a group of peacocks walking along park alleys. The park is decorated with stately old oaks. The most famous of them was 180 centimeters in diameter, 30 feet high and over 800 years old. Unfortunately, the tree fell in the 1980s.


Attractions inside

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    Na Příkopech 320388 01 Blatná , Czechia