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Rabí Castle

Local name: Hrad Rabí

Today, Rabi Castle is only partially restored, picturesque ruins (one of the largest in the whole of the Czech Republic). You can visit the tower, which is the oldest element of the castle, as well as several courtyards, remains of the castle palace and extensive cellars. Falconry shows held in the summer season are the most popular attraction. Tourists can then admire the feats of birds of prey, such as falcons, hawks, eagles and owls. The exhibition of valuable medieval decorated tiles that are unique on a global scale is also worth seeing.

The medieval fortified castle in Rabi was probably built at the end of the 13th or at the beginning of the 14th century. The main task of the building was to protect the important trade route leading this way connecting two cities Sušice and Horažďovice. Conquered and destroyed during the Hussite wars, the fortress was rebuilt in the 16th century. The fortitude of the stronghold fell during the Thirty Years' War. The destruction was completed by a fire from 1720, after which the castle was finally abandoned.


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