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Velhartice Castle

Local name: Státní hrad a zámek Velhartice

Velhartice Castle is considered one of the most romantic in the Czech Republic. Tourists have the opportunity to visit two themed routes. The first - "Gothic Castle", covers the history and architecture of the castle from the 13th to the 16th century. Within it you can see a well, cellars, a stone bridge and a defensive tower. The second route - "Renaissance Castle", leads through the Renaissance interiors. Visitors will learn about the life of a noble family in the mid-seventeenth century.

There is also the option of two outdoor trips. The first (free) includes the upper and lower courtyard, the former castle brewery with an interactive exhibition, remains of the moat, as well as several games available on the premises. The second route is the "Open-air museum of folk architecture". It consists of valuable buildings moved from the Popumawa foothills. Detailed information about their history is described on special plates.


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