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The Pilsen region lies in western Bohemia, and its capital city is Pilsen, famous all over the world for its brewery with medieval roots. It is a region mostly rural, with dominant small centers and numerous castles.

The capital of the region, Pilsen is known primarily from the Pilsner Urquell brewery. Its oldest part is intended for sightseeing, and the Brewing Museum also operates in the city. In Pilzno you can also see interesting buildings from the interwar period and art deco interiors created by Adolf Loos.

Around Pilsen you can find many monuments from the period of early Czech statehood. Among them are the rotunda of St. Piotr and Paweł from the end of the 10th century in Stary Plzenc and the monastery in Plasy founded in 1144. Park palace complexes from the Baroque and Classicism period located in Mariánska Týnica, Manetina or the Kozel Palace standing in Šťáhlava are also impressive.

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