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Techmania Science Center

Local name: Techmania Science Center

Techmania Science Center is a science center founded in 2005, which aims to help society, especially young people, to better understand mathematical and physical principles and new technologies through interactive exhibitions, scientific demonstrations, workshops and lectures.

The Techmania Science Center complex is about 30,000 m2 of exhibition hall located in the historical headquarters of the "Skoda" company. The historic building of the former canteen from 1917 was also restored, in which in 2013 the first 3D planetarium was created in the Czech Republic.

The planetarium offers full 2D and 3D domes with a wide selection of educational films. The "Science On a Sphere" technology, which is the second pride of the planetarium, enables original ways of presenting scientific issues. The "Space" exhibition, on the other hand, contains 27 interactive exhibits made by the Techmania team, which, apart from having fun, brings educational values.


Attractions inside

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    301 00 Pilzno , Czechia