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Zoological and botanical garden

Local name: Zoologická a botanická zahrada

The area of the Zoological Garden in Pilsen is divided into several parts that correspond to specific regions of the world. Guests can visit, e.g. Australian pavilions, tropical and greenhouse with succulents. A great attraction for children is the DinoPark, while in the local Amphitheater various concerts and festivals are organized.

Three tourist routes have been prepared for tourists: red - "In the footsteps of man", green - "Against the passage of time", black - "Gondwana". During walks, you can get to know the history of the development of life on Earth and get information about the impact of man on the surrounding nature

DinoPark has been located in the garden since 2003, in which giant dinosaur models have been set up, some of them are static, others move and even make sounds. In the recently reconstructed Amphitheater, residents and tourists could already see well-known musicals, eg "Mamma Mia Live!"


Attractions inside

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