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Pilsen historical underground

Local name: Plzeňské historické podzemí

The underground is a system of two- and three-story corridors and basements extending under the entire center of Pilsen. They were created from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. On the tourist route open to tourists, you can see old water transfer devices, drainage adits, wells and reconstructed food warehouses.

The cellars began to be drilled near Pilzno in the Middle Ages. They were used to store food and craft products. Over time, they developed into a system of corridors and chambers located on several levels. Their walls and vaults are made of bricks. In the 16th century, due to the lack of drinking water, wooden pipes were supplied through the corridors to supply water from a well outside the city. Currently, some of the corridors are made available as a tourist route. In addition to the underground labyrinth itself, you can see the remains of the old water supply and barrels and other containers in which food was stored.


Attractions inside

    Pilsen historical underground map
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