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number 17 in the city

Semler residence

Local name: Semlerova rezidence

Residential interiors created in Pilzno by Adolf Loos belong to the greatest works of interwar design. Some of them have been open to the public for several years. These include the Klatovska 110 apartment, in which Loos' open plan flat was used.

The Klatovska 110 apartment belonged to the Samler family. They, like other recipients of Loos's work, belonged to the elite of the local Jewish community. It was the last of the architect's works. He only made his sketches and finished them after his death, a student and friend, Heinrich Kulka.

The apartment uses the so-called open plan. The rooms are not strictly separated. They were connected by a mezzanine system and a mezzanine. In this way, for example, the living room can be seen from the floor, where there are bedrooms and a bathroom. The apartment has recreated the original appearance of the kitchen. Some of the furniture built in the walls have also survived.


Attractions inside

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    Klatovská třída 110301 00 Pilzno , Czechia