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West Bohemian Museum

Local name: Západočeské muzeum

The Ethnographic Museum in Pilzno is housed in a former monastery. The old interiors contain exhibitions that show the daily life of the inhabitants of Pilsen and surrounding villages from the 15th to the 20th century.

Thanks to the use of monastery rooms, it was possible to reconstruct in a manner very similar to the original interior of bourgeois houses from various periods of time. They are located on the first floor of the building. In the following rooms, rooms from subsequent eras were arranged. You can see furniture, tableware, knick knacks, handicrafts and personal souvenirs of Pilsen residents.

On the second floor there is an exhibition dedicated to the life of the villagers from the Pilsen area. The appearance of a traditional cottage is shown here, divided into white and black rooms. Household appliances, dishes, furniture with folk motifs and folk costumes are also presented.


Attractions inside

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