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Brewery Museum

Local name: Pivovarské muzeum

The Brewing Museum is housed in a medieval beer brewery. This is part of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which is made available to tourists. There is an exhibition devoted to the city's brewing traditions. You can see how beer was brewed in the past, learn the secrets of brewers, and also go down to the Gothic cellars where beer was stored.

The museum offers guided tours or an audioguide set. It includes visiting a three-story building, which shows the former malting plant, elements of the production line, as well as the interior of the former inn. The exhibition also presents vessels in which beer has been served and stored for centuries, as well as labels, bottles and collector's items related to the Pilsen brewery. The tour ends with a Pilsner beer tasting.


Attractions inside

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    Veleslavínova 6301 00 Pilzno , Czechia