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Zvíkov Castle

Local name: Hrad Zvíkov

Zvíkov Castle is considered one of the most interesting examples of early Gothic architecture. Its most beautiful fragment is a chapel built in the 13th century in tribute to King Przemysł II Otakar. The interior is decorated with rich painting decoration. However, it is not original, it was only created in 1473. The paintings depict characters and scenes from the New Testament.

Zvíkov Castle has never been conquered. Lovers of legends and secrets claim that this is due to the mysterious symbols carved on the lower rows of stones of the castle tower. The tower itself with huge three-meter-thick walls made of black stone blows probably played a significant role in the castle's defenses.

The seat of the first Czech kings was built on a steep, hard to reach headland near the strategic trade route over the two rivers - Vltava and Otava. The construction took over 20 years. The castle often changed owners, but it enjoyed the greatest fame in the fourteenth century during the reign of Charles IV.


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    Zvíkovské Podhradí 1397 01 Zvíkovské Podhradí , Czechia