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Western Slovenia covers the Adriatic coast, Julian Alps and the Slovenian Karst region. It is a very diverse and attractive region in terms of tourism. You can find here the famous lake Bled and the karstic Postojna cave.

A small fragment of the Adriatic coast belonging to Slovenia is famous for its historic towns and well-kept resorts. His most famous city is Piran, whose architecture resembles Venice. The city lies on a promontory that is surrounded by popular beaches. Koper has many valuable monuments, dating back to Roman times. In addition to the Old Town, Izola also boasts a large yacht port, while Portorož has the fame of an exclusive resort with high prices and an excellent accommodation base.

The northern part of the region is occupied by the Julian Alps, with the highest peak of Slovenia, Triglav. It is, together with the national park surrounding it, the destination of tourists looking for beautiful mountain views, as well as climbers. The limestone, white peaks of the Julian Alps rise above the green valleys where you can see mountain ponds. In winter, this area is perfect for skiing.

At the foot of the Alps is one of Slovenia's most important attractions, Lake Bled. On his island there is a church, and photos of this charming place, over which snowy peaks tower, can be seen in every tourist folder.

In the south of the region extends the Slovenian Karst. The beauty of this area lies underground. There are over 8,000 incas here, 20 of which are open to the public. The most important of them is Postojna, which is visited together with the neighboring Predjama Castle and the UNESCO-listed Scottish Caves. Križna Jama with an underground lake and the possibility of boating is also beautiful, while nearby Vilenica is the oldest cave in the world open to tourists.

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