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Scottish Caves

Local name: Škocjanske jame

The Scottish Caves are a series of undergrounds and corridors with a total length of about 6,000 kilometers. They have been written on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List and the Registry of the Saddler Convention. A characteristic feature in addition to the fact that these are very high caves is also the river flowing through them and one of the largest canyons in Europe. Thanks to him, the cave is known worldwide as an underground monument.

The highest point of the cave is 435 meters, and the lowest 212 meters. In total there are 26 waterfalls in the underground with heights up to 10 meters. Martel Hall is the largest hall in this cave and one of the largest in Europe. It has an area of 2.2 million square kilometers, 146 meters high, 120 meters wide and 300 meters long.


Attractions inside

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