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The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is beautifully surrounded by mountains. Its axis is the Ljubljanica river along which the most important monuments of the city gather. The center is built-up above all with tenement houses and palaces in the Baroque and Art Nouveau style.

With 250,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana belongs to smaller European metropolises. Despite the expansion of the suburbs, its center has retained the specific character of a Central European, small town with cobbled streets and beautiful buildings.

Above the representative part of the city there is a castle hill with a medieval fortress, which now houses a museum. There is a beautiful view of the Old Town and the river cut with bridges. One of them, the Dragon Bridge with Art Nouveau sculptures in the corners is the symbol of the city.

The buildings of Ljubljana are primarily baroque tenement houses with decorative facades. Among them you can see picturesque squares, some of which are still used for trade fairs and occasional fairs. The most important church is the baroque cathedral with a dome added at the end of the 19th century.

The treasure of Ljubljana's architecture are buildings designed in the interwar period by Jože Plečnik. A native of Slovenia, the architect was active mainly in Prague and Vienna, but after World War I he also participated in the family reconstruction of Ljubljana. Thanks to it, we can admire the highest-quality Art Nouveau buildings.

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