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Celje Castle

Local name: Stari grad Celje

Is the largest medieval castle in Slovenia. The large, massive Fryderyk Tower awaits tourists, from which the view of the surrounding area is breathtaking. The entire stronghold consists of a part of the courtyard on which stands the square tower of Fryderyk and, from the west, outbuildings and military buildings.

The first mention of the object comes from 1322-1324. The castle in Cejle was formerly called the High Castle or the Old Castle. At first he belonged to the Vovbre family, later he was inhabited by the count family of Celje and the princes of Cylia.

The fortress is known for its rich collection of legends that characterize it. So there is talk of a round plate of torture, which placed in the tower crushed the prisoners located in it, the bridge leading from the castle to the church of St. Józefa, where the wise men passing through him dumped irritating farmers and many other stories into the abyss.


Attractions inside

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