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Triple Bridge

Local name: Tromostovje

The triple bridge in Ljubljana connecting one of Preseren's main squares with the Old Town and Castle is one of the most characteristic monuments of Ljubljana. These are three bridges connected together. In the past, cars were allowed on one of them - the middle one, but since 2007, only pedestrian traffic is allowed on both the middle and two side bridges.

The first mention of the bridge comes from 1280 and was then called the Old Bridge or the Lower Bridge. In 1842, a new bridge was built in place of the old, designed by Glovanini Picco, which in honor of Archduke Franz Charles of Austria took the name of the Franz Bridge. Part of it has a Latin dedication:
"ARCHIDVCI, FRANCISCO, CAROLO, MDCCCXLII, CIVITAS" which means "Archduke, Franz, Karol in 1842, next to the city." In 1929 - 1932 the side bridges were rebuilt according to the plan of the architect Joze Plecnik.


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