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Dragon Bridge

Local name: Zmajski most

Ljubljana is a city that is famous for a large number of bridges, but it is the one with four dragon statues that is one of the most characteristic images of the capital. An old legend has it that the dragons on the bridge wag their tails every time a virgin climbs on him.

This bridge characteristic of Ljubljana was built in the years 1900 - 1901 and was the first concrete bridge in the city and one of the first and largest in Europe at that time. At the beginning the sculptures were supposed to take the shape of winged lions, but eventually four dragons stood on the bridge. An interesting decoration are lamps perfectly illuminating statues erected on pedestals, which in the past were powered by gas.

The Dragon Bridge stood on the place of an old wooden bridge, and the whole project is made according to the plan of the great architect Yuri Zaninovic, a student of the famous master of architecture Otto Wagner.


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    Resljeva cesta 21000 Ljubljana , Slovenia