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Ljubljana Castle

Local name: Ljubljana grad

This medieval fortress standing on a hill is the pride of the city of Ljubljana. Visiting the Doll Museum, Prickkot Tower, castle chapel of St. Yuri, watching the permanent Slovenian exhibition, as well as admiring the area from the observation tower, where you can enter the cable car - these are just some of the attractions hidden on the hill fort.

The first mention of establishing a settlement on a hill dates back to the youngest Bronze and Iron Age, during the Roman period, up to the 13th century, when the so-called Spainheim castle. The Spainheim family reigned for 150 years, and a year after the death of the last ruler, i.e. in 1270, their property was taken over by the Czech king Otokar II.
In the mid-seventeenth century, it lost the role of a fortress and served as a warehouse, barracks and military hospital, and from 1815 to the end of World War II as a prison.

In 1963, the renovation of the facility began, which continues to this day. The castle hosts not only exhibitions and occasional cultural events, but also wedding ceremonies.


Attractions inside

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Grajska planota 11000 Ljubljana , Slovenia