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Predjama Castle

Local name: Predjamski grad

Dating from the 13th century, the castle is a unique combination of the influence of man and nature on this area, because it is built into a hanging rock. Under the fortress there is a system of caves and caves. Inside the building there is a museum presenting the life of local residents in the 16th century. The exhibition includes, among others, armory, dungeons and chambers with home furnishings.

Every year in the summer a kind of reconstruction congress is organized here. A real knightly village is imitated, where people of all ages play historical events, take part in archery competitions or simply watch the presented items and activities.

The image of the castle was used in film productions - "The Armor of God" with Jacek Khan and one of the episodes of "Ghost Hunter International".


Attractions inside

    Predjama Castle map
    6230 Postojna , Slovenia