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Postojna Cave Park

Local name: Park Postojnska Jama

It is a network of caves measuring over 14 kilometers long located under the Predjama Castle. The longest corridor measuring 700 meters is available for tourists. In addition to interesting karst phenomena, there are also several species of bats in the caves that visitors can see at any time of the year except during the hibernation period.

The caves were created as a result of drilling the waters of the Lokva River heading towards the Adriatic Sea. During the invasions in the cave, the surrounding population and inhabitants of the castle protected themselves, as a result of which part of today's system is dead, i.e. there are no further karst phenomena there.

In the 15th century, the castle was inhabited by the well-known baron-robber Erazm Lugger, who plundered the rich and distributed to the poor. During the Austro-Hungarian war, the baron took the Hungarian side. Consequently, during the siege of the castle by the Austrians, Lugger and his crew - thanks to the underground cave system - could freely get out of the fortress to replenish their supplies.


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