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The Dubrovnik-Neretva County covers the southern part of the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Its pearl is Dubrovnik with the walled Old Town. Along the coast, islands such as Korčula and Mljet are popular tourist destinations, while on the shore you can find many holiday destinations.

Dubrovnik is the most-visited city of Croatia by tourists. Surrounded by massive ramparts that you can walk around, it hides magnificent buildings from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period. The city has been made famous in recent years as the plein air of the popular series "Game of Thrones".

South of Dubrovnik is the Dubrovnik Riviera, with the famous resorts of Mlini, Plat, Cavtat and Srebreno. The beaches here are quite narrow and rocky, but the water has a unique, intense blue color. Trsteno is also a very famous coastal town, where there is the only dendrological garden with Mediterranean plants on the coast.

Along the coast there are picturesque islands, which are also a place of summer rest. Mountainous Korčula is famous for growing olives and vines and stone towns, Hvar, whose cultural landscape is inscribed on the UNESCO list is called the island of lavender, and Mljet is considered the greenest island on the Adriatic. Part of the island is under protection of the Mljet National Park, in which you can see, among others two salt lakes.

In the immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik are the Elaphite Islands, which include Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, Jakljan, and Olip. There are exclusive villas, guesthouses and secluded beaches that await tourists seeking relaxation.


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