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Revelin Fortress

Local name: Tvrđava Revelin

The Revelin fortress was built in 1463 in the vicinity of the Ploče Gate. Its name comes from the type of fortifications - ravelin, a triangle-shaped object extended in front of the fortification line, whose task was to protect the weakest sections in the defensive walls. Currently, the fortress houses a cultural center and night club, and many events take place on the city's largest stone terrace on the roof of the building.

The Spanish architect Antonio Ferramolino gave the fortress to this form in the 16th century. His modernization lasted 11 years (1538-1549), and all other construction works in Dubrovnik were suspended for the time being, to secure the eastern entrance to the city as soon as possible against the expected attack of the Venetians. Apparently, during the construction period, everyone who came to the port of Dubrovnik for the first time had to provide the fortress with as many stones as it weighed.

The Ravelin Fortress turned out to be a building with excellent technical parameters - as one of the few large buildings in Dubrovnik, it survived the great earthquake in 1667 unscathed. The seat of the municipal authorities and the treasury where valuables and valuable items saved from the disaster were collected.


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