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Dubrovnik Cathedral

Local name: Dubrovačka katedrala

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known under the name Velika Gospa, is a baroque temple built in the years 1671–1713. It was created in the place of its Romanesque predecessor, completely destroyed during the earthquake in 1667. In the main altar there is a painting "Assumption of Mary" by Titian. 182 relics are kept in the church's treasury, including the remains of the patron of Dubrovnik, St. Blaise.

St. Błażej (called sv. Vlaho), a Christian martyr from the 4th century, is the patron of the city since 972. Since then, every year on February 3, a solemn procession takes place, during which the bishop of Dubrovnik carries the relic (head) of St. Błażej, and the faithful pay her tribute. The procession is inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural treasures.

According to legend, the first cathedral in Dubrovnik, which stood exactly in the place of today's Velika Gospa, was erected by the English king Richard the Lion Heart, returning from the Crusade. It was to be a vote of thanks for the miraculous survival of the shipwreck that crashed into the nearby island of Lokrum.


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