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Dubrovnik Cable Car

Local name: Žičara Srđ

Dubrovnik Cable Car is a cable car with closed gondolas to the Srđ hill. It takes up to 32 passengers at one time, and travels 778 m (level difference about 400 m) in 4 minutes. The first cable car was built in Dubrovnik in 1969 - it was then the first such attraction on the Adriatic. During the civil war in the 1990s, the queue was seriously damaged. It was renovated and restarted in 2010.

The Srđ mountain (410 m above sea level) can also be reached by car or on foot. The funicular is the most convenient way to reach the summit, providing a view of the picturesque panorama of the Old Town, the bay and the Island of Lokrum along the way. At the top there are two observation terraces, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. The Museum of Croatian War of Independence, popularly known as the Civil War Museum, is located in the nearby Fort Imprerial. It presents the history of the conflict through archival photographs, documents, memorabilia from the war and accounts of witnesses and participants.

Dubrovnik Cable Car also offers active forms of spending time, including the Dubrovnik Buggy Safari, a trip to the wilderness in small off-road vehicles. One of the goals of the trip are the former minefields from the last war. A hiking trail begins at the top of the mountain leading to the 19th-century Strinčjer Fort, around which are the graves of soldiers killed during the defense of Dubrovnik in 1991.


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