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Minčeta Tower

Local name: Kula Minčeta

Minčeta Tower is the highest point of the Dubrovnik fortification system. Established in 1319 according to the design of the local architect Ničifor Ranjin, and for the next hundred years successfully protected the northern part of the city. In 1453, under the influence of the threatening Turkish invasion, the famous architect from Florence, Michelozzo di Bartolommeo (called Michelozzo Michelozzi), who enclosed the quadrangular tower, gave it the form of a rotunda. The thickness of the new wall was 6 m and it was unbeatable for artillery of that period.

Florentczyk did not finish the construction of the tower - he left Dubrovnik in 1464 after the city authorities rejected his project of rebuilding the Rectors Palace. Juraj from Dalmatia was entrusted with the work continuation. It is to him that the building owes its crowning - a characteristic crown that did not have significant defensive qualities, but gave the building a unique form.

In its heyday, the fort at the Minčeta Tower had nine cannons. Among them was also a powerful cannon cast by Ivan Krstitelj Rabljanin, the famous cannoneer whose cannons were bought to Italy and Spain. He was also famous as the creator of bells - one of them is still today in the Dubrovnik clock tower.


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    Ispod Minčete 920000 Dubrovnik , Croatia