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Walls of Dubrovnik

Local name: Dubrovačke gradske zidine

The defensive walls of Dubrovnik are considered one of the oldest and best preserved defensive structures in the world. They were built over several centuries - the first fortifications were built as early as the eighth century, and the defensive walls were preserved to this day in the sixteenth century. They are 1940 m long, and walking them is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dubrovnik.

Five bastions, three round towers and twelve square towers were erected over a distance of less than two kilometers of walls. In the defense system of Dubrovnik, there was also the Fortress of St. Jana and two forts outside the walls - Lovrijenac and Revelin. A large part of the walls rests on the coastal rocks, which made them even more difficult to get. The wall thickness from the sea side ranges from 1.5-3 m, while from the land side it reaches up to 6 m.

You can enter the city walls through the Pile Gate, Ploče Gate, in the Fortress of St. John and from the street. Dominica. The walls cover practically the entire city, and their height reaches up to 25 m, which makes them also a great viewpoint for the sea and Old Dubrovnik. A walk through the walls allows you to see the city, learn its history and the most important monuments.


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