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Fort Lovrijenac

Local name: Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac is a huge stone building - one of the most important elements in the defense system of Dubrovnik. Built in the 14th century on a high peninsula, nearly 40 m high, from which it took its name, it was intended to defend the western part of the city from both land and sea attacks. The fortress and Fort Bokar next to it were the main locations where "Game of Thrones" was filmed.

The fort was equipped with 10 large-caliber cannons, of which the most famous, bearing the name Lizard, was the work of the then famous local founder Ivan Krstitelj Rabljanin. The thickness of the fort walls from the sea side ranges from 4 to 12 m, and is covered with a 1.5-meter ceiling. The wall on the city side is only 60 cm thick. It was a safeguard against possible crew rebellion and an attempt to take control of the city: thin walls could easily be shot through from cannons deployed in other fortifications.

According to legend, as early as the ninth century, the Venetians, wanting to take control of Dubrovnik, planned to build a fortress on the Lovrijenac peninsula. Upon hearing this, the inhabitants of Dubrovnik built their own fortress in three months, which welcomed Venetian ships carrying building materials. The first historically confirmed mention of the existence of a defensive structure in this place dates back to 1301.


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