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Fort Imperial

Local name: Utvrda Imperijal

Located inside: Mount Srđ

The Imperial Fort on Srđ Hill is a nineteenth-century fortress, which now houses a museum presenting the history of Dubrovnik during the civil war of the 1990s. During the most fierce fighting in 1991, Fort Imperial was largely destroyed and burned. The easiest way to reach Srđ is by cable car, the top station of which is located near Imperial Fort.

The Museum of the Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995 presents a permanent exhibition of the same title, which gathered several hundred exhibits - war memorabilia, documents and photographs. The exhibition is divided into several parts that tell about the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic (Republic of Ragusa), Fort Imperial, Serbia's aggression, and Croatia's victory and independence.

The Imperial Fort was built in 1812 by the French - the grand opening took place on August 15, on the birthday of Napoleon Bonaparte. A few years later, the fortress was taken over and then extended by the Austrians. From 1919 it belonged to Yugoslavia. During the last Balkan war on December 6, 1991, the battle for Srđ Hill and Imperial Fortress took place, culminating in the victory of the Croats, which was a breakthrough in the fate of the war.


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Srđ 20000 Dubrovnik , Croatia