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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and at the same time a separate administrative region, separate from the surrounding towns. It consists of the Lower and Upper cities, and its attractions include the cathedral, numerous museums and parks.

Compared to other Croatian cities, especially those on the coast, Zagreb is often considered, quite wrongly, without interesting monuments. Meanwhile, it is a city with a long history, which is reflected in its buildings.

The oldest part of Zagreb is the Upper Town. There are two of Zagreb's most characteristic churches, a monumental Gothic cathedral and the church of St. A brand with a roof made of colorful ceramic tiles. Its center is surrounded by tenement houses in the Dolac market, where food fairs take place. There are many restaurants and cafes in the surrounding streets.

The Lower Town was marked out in the 19th century and creates a horseshoe full of parks around the Old Town Hill. its characteristic feature are monumental, eclectic and neoclassical public buildings, wide streets and green areas. There are numerous museums here, including archaeological sites, Mimara, i.e. a museum of history and art, as well as the Strossmayer Gallery and the Museum of Broken Relationships found nowhere else.

From the beginning of the 21st century, Zagreb has become a city that welcomes not only tourists but also people who want to have fun. The clubs, small galleries, art studios and pubs attract both novice artists and party people from Poland and abroad.

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