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Local name: Bundek

Bundek is the name of a small lake in Zagreb and the park surrounding it. The entire park has a total area of approximately 545,000 m2, of which approximately 75,000 m2 is the lake itself. There are walking paths and bicycle paths, specially prepared picnic and barbecue areas, as well as modern playgrounds for children, also adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The park is very often used to organize all kinds of outdoor events. Concerts and cyclical events take place here, such as Floraart, or the exhibition of flowers, or Bundekfest, which is the festival of music and art.

Lake Bundek was created as a result of gravel extraction in this place in the mid-20th century. There are fish in the lake and on its surface you can see ducks and swans. In 2005, renovation works were carried out, which transformed the neglected area of the lake into recreational areas for tourists and residents of Zagreb.


Attractions inside

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