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Nikola Tesla Technical Museum

Local name: Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla

The Museum of Technology of Nikola Tesla (Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla) in Zagreb presents a rich exhibition consisting of the most outstanding technical achievements, the result of the work of engineers and inventors from around the world. It is located here, among others the oldest steam engine in the region from the mid-nineteenth century, which is still operational today.

One of the museum's most important departments is the one devoted to the inventions and research of Tesla, a well-known engineer of Serbian origin. Tesla was the creator of, among others AC generator, bicycle dynamo, solar batteries, electric motor and hydroelectric power plant.

Visitors will also see a 300-meter model of a coal, iron and non-ferrous mine as well as historic firefighting equipment used over the years by the Croatian fire service, and visit the planetarium.


Attractions inside

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    Savska cesta 1810000 Zagreb , Croatia