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Museum of Broken Relationships

Local name: Muzej prekinutih veza

Museum of Broken Relationships (Muzej prekinutih veza) is a place where you can see an exhibition devoted to unhappy love relationships. It includes items that belonged to divorced couples. Each exhibit is provided with a brief description explaining the history of the break.

The museum was founded by artists from Zagreb, the former couple - Olinka Vištica (film producer) and Dražen Grubišić (painter). After the end of their four-year relationship, they did not know what to do with the things they bought together, so the idea was created to create an unusual exhibition.

Initially, the museum did not have a permanent headquarters, the artists traveled with the exhibition around the world, visited, including Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, USA and South Africa. Today, the permanent exhibition is located in Zagreb and in Los Angeles.


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