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Pond Park

Local name: Park Ribnjak

Ribnjak in Zagreb is a vast park, which was built on the site of 15th-century city fortifications, owes its present form to architect Leopold Klingspogle. The name of the park comes from the fish pond located in the area.

Formerly the park belonged to the archdiocese of Zagreb. After the end of World War II, it underwent revitalization and expansion, after which it was put into public use. Over time, the park became a dangerous place, after darkness robberies took place here, in 2008 a member of a group of supporters of the local football team was murdered there. Due to the threat of retaliation, the city decided to monitor the park around the clock.

The Ribnjak Park organizes an annual music festival with famous Croatian bands. Until now you could hear here, including The Beat Fleet and Psihomodo Pop.


Attractions inside

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    Ribnjak ulica 110000 Zagreb , Croatia